The Judeo-Christian God of Love Raising the Dead
The Judeo-Christian God of Love Raising the Dead
Oil on Panel

Men have always created God in their own image and likeness, attempting to anthropomorphize an unknowable and abstract concept. A grandiose delusion that's both an ego feed and required for selling salvation. Even political figures are associated with God, such as the venal and infantile Donald Trump. Mr. Trump does not appear in this painting, only his relentless tantrum does, recognizable by it's orange hair.

The "Dead" in this painting are not all physically dead but are morally dead. Two "devils" appear in this painting. They were inspired by the
writings of Eric Hoffer who said that every Fascist movement, be it political and/or religious needed a devil to thrive, such as Hitler needed the Jews.

Ronald Reagan is laughing at you from the base of the painting for believing in "trickle down" Socialism. The character on the bottom right is a well known beer boor and "Defender of the Faith." He is enraged because the artist's fantasy of Jesus Christ isn't as anally retentive as his.