The Judeo-Christian God of Love Raising the Dead
The Judeo-Christian God of Love Raising the Dead
Oil on Panel

Some time ago I realized that there were people who identified Donald Trump as being sent from or associated with God. Men have always created "God" in their own image and likeness but I was incredulous that anyone would have such low self-esteem as to identify the venal and infantile Trump in such a way.
The "dead" in my painting are not all physically dead but they are unquestionably morally dead. The large head on the left hopes to be glorified in the future as "The Father of American Fascism." The bizarre creature crowned with the Trump hair was initially to be Trump himself, then evolved into Trump's tantrum, then evolved further into the endless and universal tantrum of mankind. I discovered that the Buddha had already named this tantrum, it's called "greed, hatred and delusion."
There are two devils in my painting. Eric Hoffer in his book "The True Believer said that every fascist movement, be it political or religious, needs a "Devil" to thrive. Hitler needed the Jews. The delusional of the Christian Nationalist movement seem to have a surplus of "devils."
Ronald Reagan is laughing at you from the base of this painting. Bottom right is a well known beer boor and "Defender of the Faith." He is enraged because the artist's fantasy of Jesus Christ isn't as anally retentive as his is.