Lizbeth Bordon Entertaining Thespians at Maplecroft
Lizbeth Bordon Entertaining Thespians at Maplecroft
Oil on Panel
11" x 14"

After Lizzie Borden was acquitted of murdering her father and step-mother she purchased a large house as a residence for herself and her sister Emma. She called the house Maplecroft and called herself Lizbeth.
One of the joys of Lizbeth's life was attending the theatre in Boston and New York and socializing with actors and actresses. She was rumored to have had a romantic affair with the foremost actress of her day, Miss Nance O'Neill. Pictured are Lizbeth and Nance welcoming you to an intimate dinner party on the back porch at Maplecroft. Lizbeth's sister Emma eventually moved out of Maplecroft, she was offended that Lizbeth's friends drank cocktails and smoked cigarettes, behaviors she found unladylike and ungodly.

Lizzie Borden, patron saint of abused children everywhere, pray for us.