The Temptation of Saint Anthony
The Temptation of Saint Anthony
Oil on Panel
11" x 14"

This painting was inspired by empathy for young Black men who I would see on public transportation going to and from classes or jobs. I admired their fortitude in attempting to fit into a society that expresses such irrational hatred and fear of them. My "Saint Anthony" is tempted by a gun, unlike the legendary "Saint Anthony" who was tempted by sex. The divisive Clarence Thomas and racist George Zimmerman are lower right. Because of systemic Racism one of the few options open for the survival of black men is drug dealing. Although Blacks and Whites abuse drugs at the same rate, the so called "War on Drugs" is only enforced on Blacks, (The New Jim Crow by Michelle Alexander).
The action takes place in Millennium Park in Chicago. Part of the Plensa Fountain is reimagined as a memorial to Richard M. Daley, whose ethically dubious parking meter deal only benefits the rich. The parking meter monolith would symbolically urinate on the City of Chicago every few minutes.